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Estate Agent Software

Our Estate Agent software subscription rates our extremely competitive, for the best deal, sign up for a year to an extensive discount - see below for all the details.

For more information on our agency package, please view our software page, for our pricing, see below.

The cost depends on how many people you need to have logged in at the same time - not the total number of users - this helps to keep down your costs.

Pricing Table

Users Pay monthly   Annual Subscription
1 user £45 per month or £40 per month
2 users £70 per month or £60 per month
3 users £95 per month or £80 per month
5 users £145 per month or £120 per month
10 users £270 per month or £220 per month
15 users £395 per month or £320 per month
20 users £520 per month or £420 per month
25 users £645 per month or £520 per month

Web Sites

The cost of our web sites vary depending on exactly what features and functionality you require, however as a guide, the vast majority of web sites will be priced between £700 and £1,500.

If you have a specific requirement you would like us to provide a quotation for, or would like to discuss you options further, please contact us with the details.

Price info

Don't forget that you only need to purchase licenses for the number of people who will be logged in at one time, not the total number of users. This can considerably reduce your costs.

Why Estateware?

  • Low costs - If you have a computer and an internet connection, you probably have everything you need. No setup costs, no extra equipment - simple!
  • Access anywhere - Access from your work computer, your phone, your tablet or your home PC. Anywhere you can get online!
  • Available 24/7 - Access your data day or night, it's always live and always ready to go.
  • Secure - Our servers are located in a secure dedicated data centre. We also ensure multiple back-ups are made on a daily basis.
  • Fast - We are confident Estateware is the fastest web-based agency package available. Why not try it for yourself to see?

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